Loopify FAQs


All Android devices have latency when recording and playing audio. Without calibrating your device all your loops will play out-of-sync, ruining your looping experience.

Latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel through a system. In our case we’re talking about the audio signal coming in to the microphone until it’s played again through your speakers. Depending on your device this can range from a few milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds.

Loopify offers two calibration modes: Automatic and Manual.
Automatic: With automatic calibration the device will play three loud beeps. When playing a beep Loopify will listen to that beep to see how long it takes between playing and hearing the beep. If all three beeps succeed you can continue looping!
Manual: In some cases you might prefer manual calibration, for example when automatic calibration fails. With the manual mode Loopify will play two loud beeps which are visualised with two red blocks. While listening for the beeps Loopify will visualise the recorded audio as blue blocks. To calibrate you need to cover the red blocks by moving the blue blocks. Based on the movement Loopify will set the latency for your device.


It’s strongly advised to use headphones while using Loopify. Without headphones the microphone will pick up all audio that your device is playing, making it re-record itself causing a lot of noise in your loops.

Preferably not. Bluetooth headphones will add an extra layer of latency of sometimes 500 milliseconds. For the best looping experience you should use wired headphones.

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