LoopStation FAQ’s

How can I share sessions?
With the Pro upgrade you can share sessions. These session can be shared with other apps like WhatsApp or Mail as a .wav file.

I upgrade to Pro, but the share button does not work?
Assuming you’re on Android 8: in this version they changed the way files are accessed which broke the sharing functionality of sessions. As a work-around you can download a file-explorer app and access your sessions manually. If you’re not happy with this solution Zuidsoft don’t mind giving you a refund.

I downloaded the app but it does not calibrate?
Assuming you’re on Android 9: in this version there is a problem where LoopStation does not ask for the permissions. Please set these permissions manually via the Android settings.

How do I remove individual tracks?
You can remove tracks by dragging them to the bottom of the screen.

How can I add reverb / audio effect?
After getting the Pro upgrade you can double tap / hold a track. This will show you some extra options like adding reverb.

How do I merge tracks?
After getting the Pro upgrade you can drag and stop tracks to merge them.

The timing is not good, what can I do?
Please try to calibrate again

How do I change volume per individual track?
You can change volume for each track by dragging horizontally over it.

Every time I record the app rerecords itself, what can I do?
Besides the calibration step, you should use headphones while using LoopStation.

How does the calibration step works?
Please click to start the calibration. Wait for the sound to have played. After this you should align the waveforms.

I lost Pro / purchase, what can I do?
When opening the app make sure you have an internet connection. The app needs to check the status of your purchase.

Where can I find Loopstation’s files?
This depends on your device. They should be somewhere in a directory with the name com.zuidsoft.loopstation2

I want a refund
Please send Zuidsoft an email with your purchase-confirmation email. We need the number in there to process the refund.